The weekend reading: startups are moving and clothing is getting smarter

We selected juicy articles about technology, finance and more. And put them off to read for ourselves and for you as the weekend reading.

Startups leave Silicon Valley

Other innovative hubs are becoming more popular — for example, London with fintech, Phoenix and Pittsburgh with developers of autonomous vehicles, Shenzhen with manufacturers of hardware. The main reasons for moving are high cost, competition for workers, congested roads and low quality of life.

Why startups leave Silicon Valley

Y Combinator will move to San Francisco and lose its president

Trends in startups in 2019

Autonomous helicopters are getting closer

According to pilots, it is more difficult to fly a helicopter than a plane, because they fly lower and encounter more obstacles. Because of this, creating an autonomous helicopter is more difficult than a plane. Sikorsky Aircraft has developed an intermediate option — a tablet helicopter control system. The Verge reporter checked what it would be for a layperson to use.

New helicopter control technology

Why cars still don’t fly

How British police uses drones

Clothing becomes smarter

Clothing manufacturers team up with technology companies to make wardrobe smarter. This can protect the owner of clothing from scams or thieves — NFC chips prove the authenticity of things, and built-in trackers determine where and how often they are worn. Other things just care about the owner — for example, Levi’s jacket plays music, and Nike sneakers lace themselves up.

About NFC chips, smart sneakers, multi-functional jacket and trackers

How things can rebel

Why do we need a smart pillows

How to improve productivity

According to research by Draugiem, productivity is affected not by the length of the working day but by its structure. The optimal mode is the alternation of 52 minutes of work and 17 minutes of rest. It is necessary to work and rest in full force — not to be distracted during the peak of activity and not to reach for a computer or a phone during a break.

How to effectively build a working day

About the DeskTime service used in the study

How the Internet of Things optimizes time

Facebook's new focus

Facebook has repeatedly appeared in the center of the scandal due to large users’ data leakage and cyber attacks. As a result, by March 2019, the audience of the platform in the United States alone decreased by 15 million people compared with 2017. To stop the outflow of users, Facebook updated the development program. The social network will focus on instant messengers, their encryption and privacy.

Mark Zuckerberg about the new policy

Outflow of users from Facebook

Freedom in the World — where Facebook doesn’t want to store data