The aggregate wealth of wealthy investors rose 8.2% to $ 63.5 trillion

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Republicans have presented the plan of reform of the tax legislation of the USA directed on its simplification and tax reduction. It involves a reduction in the corporate income tax rate from 35 to 20%. Read more

ECB President Mario Draghi would like trade unions to demand a higher salary increase. He is confident that outstripping the low inflation growth rates of patches will help the recovery of the euro area economy. Read more

The merger of Alston with the railway business of Siemens and other recent transactions show that French President Emmanuel Macron is ready to violate the tradition of protecting strategic national assets from foreign investors in favor of creating European giants. Read more

About 93% of Kurds voted in a referendum for independence from Iraq. But the region’s economy depends heavily on Baghdad, Turkey and Iran, who are unhappy with the voting and threatened to close the border. Read more

The American city of Elmira flourished thanks to a large shopping center. But the closure of stores against the backdrop of the decline of the traditional retail sector adversely affected the entire economy of the city. Read more

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The aggregate wealth of wealthy investors rose 8.2% to $ 63.5 trillion, according to a report by Capgemini. Read more

The volume of transactions of private equity funds rose to $ 212 billion in the first nine months of this year, which is the best result since 2007, according to Thomson Reuters. This was facilitated by the availability of capital and favorable loan conditions. Read more

HSBC plans to entice customers from competitors using an application that will allow them to see all their accounts, including those located in other banks. This will be possible thanks to the new regulation rules for the industry in Europe, which will come into force next year. Read more

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Consumer market

Manufacturers of Swiss watches are optimistic this year due to the growth in sales in China. Read more

Uber closes the unprofitable division of Xchange Leasing, which acquired cars and gave them to leasing drivers who could not buy their own. Read more

Due to the "Amazon effect", or the growing popularity of online trading, stock quotes of retailers are declining, including outside the US. Read more