Fed announced the beginning of a reduction in its balance of $ 4.5 trillion in October

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The Federal Reserve System (Fed) on Wednesday announced the beginning of a reduction in its balance of $ 4.5 trillion in October and hinted at a possible increase in interest rates in December. Read more WSJ.com FT.com

The dollar exchange rate increased by 0.8% after the announcement of the Fed decision. This is his strongest daily growth this year. On Thursday morning the rate was still near the highest level in September. Read more FT.com

Standard & Poor’s downgraded China’s credit rating to A + c with a negative outlook. Thus, all three major rating agencies are now equally assessing the debt situation. Read more WSJ.com

The Catalan office can create problems for Spain, and this is already reflected in the financial markets of the country. Read more WSJ.com

Daimler plans to invest $ 1 billion in a plant in Alabama and begin production of fully electric crossovers in the early 2020. Read more WSJ.com

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The Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States (SEC) reported that in 2016 hackers broke into its system containing applications of public companies submitted to it. Attackers could use this information to illegally trade the stock market. Read more WSJ.com FT.com

The Chinese authorities banned the country to leave the country with two top managers of the stock markets, because of which they did not appear at the industry conference in Hong Kong. Beijing fights crypto-currencies, fearing a bubble. Read more WSJ.com

Shares of the central bank of Switzerland again rose in price for no apparent reason. This year their quotes have grown by about 160%. Read more WSJ.com

Shares of the Chinese investment bank CICC went up by 19% during trading on Thursday after the Internet giant Tencent acquired a strategic stake in it. Read more FT.com

The homes of many Puerto Rican residents are not insured. This will complicate the removal of the consequences of Hurricane Maria. Read more WSJ.com

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Google acquired unit HTC for $ 1.1 billion, which worked on a smartphone Pixel. This highlights the importance of producing your own gadgets for Google. Read more WSJ.com