US Financial Institution Regulatory Agency (FINRA) is also an investor

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President of the United States Donald Trump plans in the next three weeks to announce whom he nominates for the post of chairman of the Federal Reserve System (FRS). Now we know about six candidates. Two of them can continue the policy of the central bank, two — change, and two more do not know what to expect. Read more

Fed Chairman Janet Yellen said that regulation of the banking sector should not be too tough. This shows that she supports the softening of the regulation of the industry, while Donald Trump thinks whether to nominate her for a second term. Read more

Four years ago, Portugal was in crisis, but now its economy is recovering dynamically. But it is too early to judge how stable this recovery is. Read more

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The decision of Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive cars opens up a new large market for automakers. Those already advertise their products to Saudi women. Read more
DeepMind, owned by Google, has created a unit that will study the ethical and social aspects of developing artificial intelligence. Read more
A number of banks will, together with IBM, develop a global system for monitoring international settlements of trade operations, in which the technology of blockchain is used. Read more
Gold rose in price for most of 2017, but in the last month it fell by almost 6%. Its attractiveness for investors declined because of US plans to lower taxes and the Fed’s intention to continue raising interest rates. Read more
Few people know that the US Financial Institution Regulatory Agency (FINRA) is also an investor. The size of its portfolio of assets is $ 1.6 billion, but the profitability of its investments is low. Read more