Track Santa

Google and NORAD Chirstmas apps

With the approach of the Catholic Christmas, Google and the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) launched the "radars" of Santa Claus, games and educational articals dedicated to holidays.


Santa Tracker

Google’s Santa tracker works as a site, Chrome extesion and Android app. There you can find a Santa’s village with more than 20 games and educational activities. For example, you can

  • code the creation of a snowflake,
  • pack gifts,
  • deliver a penguin to the elves,
  • learn how to say things like «Santa Claus» and «Ho Ho Ho» in other languages.

Santa village
Santa’s lokation on December, 24 will be avaliable there and on the Google Maps app for iOS, too. A real-time tracker will show how far away Santa is from you, when will he come and how many gifts he’s delivered so far.
Google’s Santa tracker trailer:

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Google Assistant

Christmas activities were integrated into Google Assistant, too.

You can check Santa’s location by saying "Where’s Santa" or "Track Santa." Assistant will provide a text answer, however, instead of the full map from the site or the app.

Assistant offers several Santa jokes with a voice-over from Santa. For this you should say "Tell me a Santa joke" or "Santa joke".

You can even ask Assistant to spin the Dreidel for you — this is a Hanukkah tradition.

Christmas Google Assistant
These functions work in all versions of Assistant: the Pixels’, Allo’s and Google Home.

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NORAD Tracks Santa

The classic North American Aerospace Defense Command Santa tracker was lauched in 1955.
#interesting There are several versions of the NORAD Santa tracker origin. According to one of them, a Sears store placed an advertisement in a Colorado Springs newspaper which invited children to call Santa Claus. One digit in the telephone number was misprinted, so calls came through to Colorado Springs’ Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD — it was renamed to NORAD later) Center. Colonel Harry Shoup asked employees to tell children where Santa is.
Since then, NORAD used telephone hotline, newspapers, radio, phonograph records and television to provide a Santa tracker. In 2009 it appeared as a site and in 2011 an app for iOS and Android was released.
Like at the Google’s portal, at NORAD’s one there is a Santa’ village there you can play games, listen to music or read about Christmas in different countries.
There are also a gift shop and a "theater" with Santa tracker history, crew and trailer for this year release.