The rate of inflation in Brazil fell to the lowest level in 19 years

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  • The economists interviewed by WSJ believe that Kevin Worsh has the highest chances of being nominated for the presidency by the US Federal Reserve (FRS) president Donald Trump. Warsh was a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve in 2006-2011. Read more
  • The Fed is inclined to once again raise interest rates this year despite the still low inflation, according to the minutes of its September meeting. Read more or
  • The rate of inflation in Brazil fell to the lowest level in 19 years. This allows the country’s economy to recover from a recession. Read more
  • Founder Dalian Wanda Wang Jianlin dropped from the first to the fifth place in the list of the richest people in China. Now the rating is headed by the head of Evergrande developer Xu Jiain. Read more

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  • Airbus has completely taken control of the Asian aircraft repair company Sepang Aircraft Engineering. Airbus and Boeing compete for an attractive airline service market. Read more
  • China closed thousands of industrial enterprises, fighting environmental pollution, before the congress of the Communist Party of China. For this, Beijing is ready to sacrifice a little economic growth. Read more

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  • Facebook introduced the new virtual reality helmet Oculus Go. CEO of Mark Zuckerberg sets an ambitious goal to attract 1 billion users to the technology. Read more or