The Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to the American Richard Thaler

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  • The Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to the American Richard Thaler for the study of how psychology affects people’s economic behavior. Read more or
  • The global economy will continue to grow steadily in 2018, but Britain and Russia may lag behind other countries, the leading indicators of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Read more
  • The Federal Reserve System (FRS), the ECB and other leading central banks are now tightening monetary policy amid the global economic recovery, but risks, including low inflation, remain. Read more
  • German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble warned that a new financial crisis could arise in the world because of the policy of central banks. In his opinion, because of it, bubbles can arise and burst. Read more
  • Investments in the expansion of the Panama Canal, which cost $ 5 billion, justify themselves. Shipping companies are sending more and more ships with cargo for the US through it, rather than the Suez Canal. Read more

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  • The share price of Barclays continues to fall, and investors have questions about the strategy of CEO J. Stailey, who is expanding the investment banking business. Read more or
  • The CEO of Deutsche Bank John Crayan and chairman of the supervisory board of Paul Ahleitner have disagreements over the largest shareholder of the bank — the Chinese conglomerate HNA Group. According to sources, Krayan does not want to have any dealings with HNA, which does not like Ahlyaynner, who helped attract the conglomerate. Read more
  • Two multi-million dollar house purchase transactions, in which Guggenheim Partners General Director Mark Walter and Alexander Kurt, the top manager of the investment company, participated, caused concern among employees and clients. Some customers are concerned about a possible conflict of interest amid rumors that there is a personal relationship between Walter and Kurt. Read more
  • In October, there were some of the most famous drops in stock markets. But often this month was calm for investors. This is evidenced by the graphs reflecting the situation since 1900. Read more