The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 23,000 points on Wednesday

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  • The growth of China’s GDP was 6.8% in the third quarter. This is the highest goal value and should help Xi Jinping strengthen its power at the Communist Party Congress. However, Beijing preferred to maintain high growth in the short term, rather than solve long-term problems, economists warn. Read more or
  • Leaders of large energy companies claim that fossil fuels will continue to play a key role in their business for decades, despite investments in renewable energy to limit carbon emissions. Read more
  • Republicans warn Donald Trump that his possible decision to withdraw the US from the free trade agreement with Canada and Mexico (NAFTA) may prevent tax reform. Read more

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  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 23,000 points on Wednesday. But the concern is that investors withdraw money from funds that invest in US stocks. The growth of the market is facilitated by the repurchase of own shares by companies and the inflow of foreign investors’ funds. Read more
  • Xavier Role at the end of next year will leave the post of CEO of the London Stock Exchange (LSE), which he occupies since 2009. LSE began searching for new CEO. Read more
  • The street clothes brand Supreme is very popular among teenagers and costs more than the larger fashionable retailer Abercrombie & Fitch. This is due to the fact that Supreme specifically makes its products scarce. The direct investment fund Carlyle acquired approximately 50% of the brand’s shares. But it is unclear whether the Supreme will be able to increase revenues without losing its uniqueness. Read more