Rio Tinto has developed trains capable of transporting iron ore without a machinist

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The administration of President of the United States Donald Trump asserts that the reduction of taxes will speed up the American economy. But history shows that there are no guarantees of this. Read more

Investors began to buy in the US shares of companies that are now paying high taxes and should benefit from their decline stronger than other companies. Read more

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The ICO, which allows start-ups to attract financing by issuing crypto currency, has become very popular this year. Therefore WSJ provides answers to 11 common questions about ICO. Read more

Even less than a year ago, hedge funds were criticized for the high commission and low results. But now they again bring good profits and attract investors. Read more

Mark’s new chairman of the board of HSBC Mark Tucker is not wasting time. He took up this post only on Monday, but he is already waiting for the British regulators to approve his candidate for the post of general director. They can become one of the current top managers of HSBC John Flint. Read more

In the center of the scandal surrounding a large hacker attack on the credit history bureau Equifax was his chief legal adviser John J. Kelly. It is he who is responsible for safety and approves the sale of shares by top managers of Equifax. Read more

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Rio Tinto has developed trains capable of transporting iron ore without a machinist. It was more difficult to do than expected. The movement of these trains is monitored by employees who are hundreds of kilometers away from them. Read more

Developers of self-guided vehicles are faced with a problem: they need to decide how to implement the transition between the driver and the autopilot. Read more