General Electric sells its industrial division for $ 2.6 billion to Swiss ABB

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Russia and China are gradually building up business cooperation. Beijing’s investments in the Russian oil and gas industry serve Moscow as an alternative source of financing amid tense relations with the West. Read more

Lviv manages to attract foreign investments despite the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Read more

The ratio of debt to GDP in China in the II quarter decreased for the first time since 2011. However, only from 269% to 268%, according to JPMorgan. Read more

More than a year after the referendum on Brexit, certainty regarding future relations between the UK and the EU has not increased. Because of this, some companies postpone investment projects in the country or change plans. Read more

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General Electric agreed to sell its industrial division for $ 2.6 billion to Swiss ABB. This is a sign that the new CEO John Flannery seeks to cut costs and simplify the structure of GE. Read more

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Porsche CEO Oliver Blume in an interview with the FT discussed the industry’s transition to electric vehicles. He insists that his company does not compete with Tesla. Read more

Tesla is the only notable automaker not planning to open production in China. But this can change if Beijing softens the rules and allows foreign companies to produce electric vehicles in free trade zones without Chinese partners. Read more

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The green bond market, which appeared less than 10 years ago, could reach $ 123 billion this year, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. It still remains a small part of the debt market, but its growth attracts investors’ attention. Read more

Yogurt this year for the first time will bypass milk on sales in China, predicts Euromonitor. In this case, yogurt provides the largest Chinese dairy producers with higher margins. Read more