China wants to dominate the development of artificial intelligence

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  • The growth rates of consumer prices and wages in developed countries remain low, which is why their central banks are afraid to hurry with tightening monetary policy. Read more
  • Donald Trump should choose whom to nominate for the post of chairman of the Federal Reserve System (FRS). His decision will depend on whether he wants to continue or change the policy of the central bank. Read more
  • The International Monetary Fund began to prepare for the possible salvation of Venezuela. It may require more than $ 30 billion in international financial assistance per year. Read more
  • In Italy, about 1 million jobs have been created in recent years. But the country’s economy is growing slowly, as it is often a temporary and low-paid job. Read more
  • Three weeks after Hurricane Maria, many companies in Puerto Rico can not resume operations due to a lack of electricity and internet connection. For example, shops often can not accept credit cards, and consumers’ access to cash is limited due to ATM malfunction. Read more

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  • Blackstone aims to attract retail investors with a fortune of less than $ 5 million, so that they provide it with business growth. Read more
  • A hacker attack on Equifax’s credit history bureau showed that social security numbers are not suitable for protecting the confidentiality of American financial data. However, replacing them with something else is not easy. Read more
  • After the hacker attack on Equifax, American banks will start using new ways to protect against scammers. Read more
  • High-frequency traders advise the Pentagon on how to protect the US financial system from cyber attacks. Read more
  • JPMorgan Chase CEO James Daymon has recently criticized bitcoins, but he likes the technology of blockade used in them. On Monday, his bank must submit a pilot program for conducting transactions with the help of a blockbuster. Read more

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  • China wants to dominate the development of artificial intelligence and is ready to finance this industry much more than the US. Read more