We connect exchanges at once
with developed over the years algorithm. Choose from this list or add your own:

How it works?

  • Step 1

    Open your own accounts with the desired brokers and stock exchanges

  • Step 2

    Create access keys for each account

  • Step 3

    Register on the DTI API platform

  • Step 4

    Save access keys in our system

  • Step 5

    Connect to the DTI API directly through Socket Connection and JSON-RPC

  • Step 6


DTI API Functionality

Unique features of our platform


Our platform combines and unifies the APIs you need at one place. If all your trading strategies use the same API for all platforms, you can easily transfer trading strategies among them. This flexible approach significantly reduces time for migration and strategies switching.


Forget about daily chats with exchanges and brokers technical support. Forget about never reviewed tickets. We have been doing this for 9 years and have already faced 95% of possible problems. We have learned the fine points of the solution of almost every problem.

By connecting the `DTI API`, you will communicate with contractor technical support through us, hence quickly and efficiently.


From time to time, the API of exchanges and brokers change. Sometimes this happens without notifying customers. Our platform responds quickly to API changes and allows you to continue working with the exchange.


Exchanges have its own calendar with clearing periods and holidays. If you do not follow it closely, then some of your requests may not be executed.

Our platform solves this problem by technically accepting applications 24/7. The exchange receives it from us during working hours. This removes the need to keep track of the calendar of all exchanges you work on.


Smart-Orders is a useful feature which is not supported by all exchanges and brokers. Our platform can emulate this functionality for all connected exchanges, even if some types of orders are not supported there.


Run an infinite number of strategies on each client without conflict. If two strategies will simultaneously buy and sell the same instrument, we will reduce transactions within our system and you will not lose on commissions.


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