Amazon will open the center for the development of artificial intelligence

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  • The ECB is going to gradually tighten monetary policy, but it is expected that the growth of salaries in the euro area will remain slow in the coming months. Read more
  • President of the United States Donald Trump in an interview with Fox News said that he supports the creation of the fourth step for the income tax rate. Earlier, he was criticized for the fact that tax reform would benefit primarily wealthy Americans. Read more

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  • Assets in emerging markets, including their exchange rates are growing this year, shows the index JPMorgan Emerging Markets Currency. But if we take a real effective exchange rate that measures currency rates to the currencies of trading partners, taking into account inflation, it will show the weakening of the currencies of developing countries this year. Read more
  • Jordan Belfort, about whom the film "The Wolf from Wall Street" was filmed, warned investors about the risks of ICO, which became popular. According to him, this method of attracting financing is "the biggest fraud in history". Read more
  • High volatility of crypto-currencies attracts high-frequency traders. Read more
  • In search of high returns, investors invest in secured loan commitments (CLOs). Their volume has already reached a record level this year, despite the risks associated with these securities. Read more
  • Large investment banks are thinking of trading in securities in the Asia-Pacific markets in Hong Kong, and not in London against the background of Brexit. Read more

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  • Amazon will open the center for the development of artificial intelligence in Cyberdol in Germany. Read more